Chania Events

13 Jan

The Wizard of Fire

Family Event, an exhibition for the ages – Spring Artistic Creation 2017

Organized by Chania Municipality KEPPEDICH KAM, Primary & Secondary Education Directorates Chania.

Wednesday 03 May 2017, 19.00

“Once upon a time, there was the Earth Wizards, Water and Air.

Their secret power, was a skein, which in the magic thread, keeping people tied and loved ones, without grudges and hatreds. Once, magicians, trusted magical tangle to Kings of men, for they continue their work. But although warned them what to watch, kings made them soaked.

The skein was dissolved and magicians angry. Kings, greedy as it was, they decided to get their hands the destiny of the world and to eliminate Wizards of nature.

So with cunning plans, polluted water, land and air and slowly – slowly robbed people wealth, but mainly memory and dreams. So powerful in the world, kings, had gathered in all their strength hands, while around them were impoverished everything.