Chania Events

28 May


The location of this unique boutique hotel allows to offer our guests 4 rooms with front sea view, 2 with side sea view and 2 suites with a view to the city and the small streets in the old harbour. Although at sea front you are located in the heart of the old town of Chania. The view includes the entire harbour from the far west the Naval Museum, over the lighthouse to the far east the old storage buildings of the Venetians.

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  6. I stumbled upon your blog today. It’s insightful. I especially appreciate this post and those on twentysomethings. As a twentysomething, I guess you could say that I fit the stereotypes — burned-out and looking for a new job. It’s nice to read that there’s hope and that burnout isn’t a life sentence.

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  20. Field, Interesting post. Conservative Republican Aaron Schock (age 27) from central Illinois swept the vote with every group – the young, the Latin Americans, the African-American community, and international communities, and most whites. Do you how he did it? He put two feet to the ground and knocked on doors. He invested himself (foe years) in the betterment of the communities that were struggling. He showed that he cared about people acrossed all backgrounds.

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