What to Do in Chania

What to do in Chania

Walking Around Tours

  • Old Venetian Harbor:

The Heart and soul of Chania is the Old Venetian Harbor, The Venetians ruled Chania from the 1252-1645, and used it harbor to export and import products from all around the Middle East. The Harbor itself, is just astonishing, and can be seen from almost everywhere. A beautiful walk alongside the harbor is very romantic and highly recommended. Sunset colors will make any picture outstanding. This is a must in every walk through Chania

  • Chania Venetian Lighthouse: what to do in chania trip

At the end of the Old Venetian Harbor one can find it lighthouse. Building by the Venetians but was bombed during world war II, the last restoration was done at 2005 and is open to public ever since. A great walk, all the way to the lighthouse is a favorite walk of many couples and families.

  • Maritime Museum of Crete:

The Museum is situated in the “FIRKA” Fortress, which was built by the Venetians, Today the Museum featured the Greek and Crete Maritime Traditions, the Greek Naval tradition goes back hundreds of years back and as one of Europe leading seaman’s, the museum share a light on the achievements made by Greeks and Crete’s

  • Ottoman Baths:

The Ottoman regime (Turkish) replaced the Venetians at the 16th century. The Ottoman style is notable all over Chania and Crete, however the Ottomans in Chania didn’t destroy the Venetian heritage, hence the combination of the Venetians harbor and the Ottomans creates a very unique atmosphere at Chania. The Ottoman Baths is a must do for every enthusiast of SPA treatments, and especially perfect for couple.

  • Archaeological Museum:

Due to Crete location and importance as a naval base, the archaeological history goes back to 4 centuries BC, through the Roman’s empire to Venetians and Ottomans, the archaeological founding on the Island and Chania is just breathtaking for archaeological lovers. The Museum is located in the former temple (katholikon) of the medieval Franciscan monastery, an impressive building that was built by the Venetians and turned into a mosque at the ottoman period.



  • Samaria Gorge:

This is a more adventurous tour then others, the 16 KM hike is one of Europe’s favorites tours and take six to eight hours, It’s important to note since it’s not for everyone. The Tour Starts 40 KM from the city of Chania, and ends in the seaside village of Agia Roumeli. The narrow paths and the breath-taking view make this hike an unforgettable experience. Each year over 200,000 enjoy it, and it is rank among the best hikes in Europe.

  • Chania Segway Tours: what to do in chania walk

Chania is not big and walking around is fun, another fun way is to take a Segway tour of the city, you can experience places most tourist doesn’t get to explore and see the city in a whole new way.

  • Diving

Open from April to November, Chania offers few diving location for novice and experts, most of the Mediterranean is known for poor visibility due to the sand that comes from Africa, Chania is on the Northern side of Crete hence is protected by the large amount of sands and keeps a good visibility to divers, the coral and fish diversity is big and if you want to start your diving experience, Chania will be a great spot to start.

  • 4 Wheels Drive (Jeep) Tours

The mountain shape terrain of Crete and the short distance from the high mountains and sea make the 4 wheels drive tours at the Chania area very special, once can rent a car or join a group, but the amazing combinations of year round snow mountains with beautiful beaches, will make this 4 wheel drive tour a once in a life time experience.


All of Chania and Crete beaches are special, and although you can find the world famous Elafonissi Beach at every list of most beautiful beaches, all of Crete beaches are special. We highly recommend visit 2-3 at every stay all depend on your time frame and willingness to drive.

  • Agii Apostoli Beach
  • Iguana Beach
  • Elafonissi Beach
  • Balos Beach what to do in chania beach
  • Platanias Beach