This intimate boutique hotel is located in the seafront of the 700 years old Venetian harbour of Chania and embodies the very essence of chic comfort and a modern luxury feeling in a historical neoclassical building in Crete.

The building used to be the private residence of Ambassador R. Krüger and his wife Wilhelmine, who built it during 1890 when he first came to the island. Krüger was a very complex personality, as he had studied archaeology, fine arts and economics. He was a lover of photography and created a lot of post cards referring to the city, that have been saved until today. He reopened, with the help of Wilhelmine, the Pet Rescue Association and rescued a lot of antiques found neglected in the villages nearby. He influenced a lot the historical events of his time as a diplomat but also the economy and technology of the first years of the Greek Cretan people. He cofounded the first factories of cement tiles and oil refinement and he influenced the use and elaboration of many materials that he imported and exported. (metal, fabric, ceramics, glass, paper, wood, fertilizer for planting, cigars ,leather, soda, beer, soap etc.)

Venitian old harbour chania crete

So as a reference to these material benefits he made in the local economy, the design concept was that each room in the hotel will be unique and depict in a contemporary way Krügers benefits to the island.

The Hotel is located right on the Venetian harbor of Chania waterline, just 5 meters from the water.  The Harbor was built by the Venetians who ruled the Crete island between the years 1320 and 1356. The harbor was used by the Venetians for commerce, serving the Venetian military ships and to control the Sea of Crete against pirates. The Venetian ruled Chania between 1252 up to 1645, until the Ottoman (Turkish) ruling replaced them until the end of the 18th century. The Jewel of the Venetian is the beautiful lighthouse, originally build by the Venetians in the later 16th century, but after the Turkish regime didn’t kept it in good condition, the Egyptians who ruled the Island for a short period of 10 year (1831-1841) renovated the lighthouse, the lighthouse, was renovated lately in 2005 after bombing during WWII, today the lighthouse is a beautiful landmark in the heart of the old harbor.

The Rooms

Each of the nine rooms is a representative of wood, glass, fabric, cement, ceramic, paper, mosaic, porcelain and metal. The common element, that combines the different materials, as to have an overall consistent language, is the contemporary translation of a pattern we found in the existing building, a cement tile, made in Krügers factory last century. So this pattern emerges in each room in different scales and material.

The design concept is cool, contemporary and stylish but with a warm heart and authentic Cretan soul. Its sleek, modern lines are complemented by organic textures, natural furnishings, an eco-friendly approach and the reuse of old materials. The Mediterranean sun is filling all the rooms of the building through big windows and skylights.

Its 360 view of the sea and the Old Harbor of Chania would leave the guests astonished.